Sunday, October 2, 2011

Oh Snap!!

So I got a new snap press for my birthday!  I've been waiting for time to use my new toy.  I found a tutorial for a 2-in-1 bag tutorial and thought it would be a great practical use for some left over upholstery fabric and the (literally) 1000 black snaps I have that came with the snap press package.  (If you are interested in your own snap press, I highly recommend the Assunta Store because they fund the Little Flower Projects in China.)

I used zebra print outside and pink swirls inside.

 The bag with the long strap snapped in place.

 The loop on the right side is useful, I promise.  Keep looking.  :o)   On second thought, it is a great strap for Cameron to hold when I'm walking and can't hold his hand directly.

I wish I had put pockets on the inside, but no biggie.

 This is how it is hangs on a stroller.

The long strap tucks into the bag when not in use!

Now I just need to go shopping with a stroller, well, maybe not shopping because we can't afford it, but definitely somewhere that requires a stroller.  :o)

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