Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Oh baby wrap!

Having a baby and traveling usually don't mix, but thanks to a couple homemade lengths of wonderful knit fabric we can see the wonders of God's creation with a newborn in tow.

 You can go to Chicago to the Field Museum and walk the streets to find the Married with Children fountain (don't remember the real name, sorry!)  Or you can tour the Fort Wayne Children's Museum with the best in-laws ever!

 You can help to corral get all nine people into one photo facing the same direction because you have one child strapped to your body (asleep mind you) to remember the most recent visit to friends that live in another state!

 With a baby wrap, if you want to purchase a Fat Darrell sandwich, you can just walk up to the R. U. Hungry Grease Truck without lugging twenty pounds of baby and equipment.  Though you might need that kind of workout before eating the enormous delicious sandwich with chicken strips, marinara sauce, mozzarella cheese, and fries all on a hoagie bun.  (Side note: eat five of those sandwiches and you can name a sandwich after yourself!  I dare you to try!)

 Times Square is less worrisome because Baby is tucked away on your chest rather than out for all the world to see, literally.

It is so much easier to show Baby the LEGO lion at the Bronx Zoo in the baby wrap than trying to push a stroller up those limbs.  (Nevermind that Baby was fast asleep and cozy.)

When Big Brother falls asleep in the stroller while walking the streets of NYC, you can rest assured that Baby will not need to kick him out of his seat because she is sleeping soundly in the baby wrap.

Riding the subway with Baby in the wrap frees your hands to hold the Big Brothers (plural as in two brothers, not both hands of one brother) while Daddy carries the double stroller onto the train.

The hour and a half wait just to get into the Bake Shop is made so much easier when Mommy and Baby can cuddle and talk to people from Boston, Queens, and other areas of the country.  The treats were worth the wait!

Baby stays dry in the baby wrap on the Maid of the Mist, which literally drives the Family into the water of the Niagara Falls.  And you get to meet a family that puts Jesus on blast daily!  What better way to travel the USA!

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