Friday, September 30, 2011

Feast of the Hunter's Moon Weekend

This lady is AMAZING!  I'm so glad our boys are best buds, which lends well for us being buddies too!  Baby Allison and I spent the weekend at the Feast of the Hunter's Moon (or the Hundreds of the Feast of the Morning as Cameron calls it) making frybread for our Riverside Youth booth.

Last year at the Feast, I spent the days around these huge pots of cooking oil frying the bread to sell, but this year...

Thanks to this darling little girl I was Ingredient Girl, measuring and combining the dry ingredients into bowls to make the dough for the frybread.

 Saturday's rain and car traffic turned the participant's parking lot into a mud pit on Sunday.  So this was the scene there when I parked on Sunday morning,

I really thought I was going to witness a car going straight into the blue dumpster because it was headed down a slight hill sliding as if it were ice instead of mud.

Overall, the weekend was muddy and the weather was icky in the mornings, but the fellowship with friends and sunshine in the afternoons made it all worth the time and energy!  I can't wait for next year!

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