Thursday, December 29, 2011

Truly of Jesus, but this time Natalie.  I keep having random ideas of status updates for Facebook, but I don't like to change my status all the time.  Actually I don't remember what my current status even is.  Anyway, I am going to try to post on Thursdays (or any other day for that matter) some random thoughts, maybe one, maybe ten.  Here goes...

1.  I have now sewn multiple cloth diapers for Allison including a Santa Baby take on the Huggies disposable Santa diaper.
2.  I don't really care for the whole Santa concept, but I don't want to be a Scrooge and ruin it for others, so I keep my opinions to myself.
3.  I find Gingerbread Lattes much easier to gulp down than the Caramel Brulee Lattes.
4.  I buy coffee for the teacher's lounge at school and thus have a Gold Card status at Starbucks.
5.  For the first time tonight, I "customized" my drink at SBux because I could, with my Gold Card status.  What else can I add to my drink now to make it more "customized" without changing the overall flavor? LOL!
6.  I can't stop eating the chocolate covered almonds I bought at Trader Joe's, not sure if it's the chocolate or the sheer enormity of the almond inside.
7.  Chocolate covered almonds remind me of the horrible prank I pulled on a colleague at school a few years back.  It was hilarious though, but cruel.
8.  I was watching Fox News at 10 upstairs last night as I put Allison to bed and saw a reporter that used to be on WLFI.  I ran downstairs and made Zach change the channel to the News (from football, I think) so that I could say, "Bam!  That guy was on WLFI morning show and now he's on Fox!  He said he was leaving for something bigger!"  To which Zach replied, "What's his name?"  My only response was, "I don't know his name, I just know he was on WLFI!"  I'm so good.
9.  Zach told me I shouldn't be a detective the other day, even though I figured out who broke in our house and cleaned it.   Well, walked in through an open door, not really broke in.  Zach left it unlocked on purpose, not that we normally leave our house unlocked.
10.  Zach claimed today that all of his hours watching Psych failed him because he couldn't crack the clues to find Despicable Me today.  He said he had seen the drawer open on Nathan's dresser, the board books kept in said drawer on the floor in our bedroom and didn't put it together that D.M. would be in the pile where Cameron was playing with the books before searching (and thus cleaning) the house high and low to find D.M.

That wasn't nearly as painful as I thought it might be.  We'll chat again soon, I think.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Oh baby wrap!

Having a baby and traveling usually don't mix, but thanks to a couple homemade lengths of wonderful knit fabric we can see the wonders of God's creation with a newborn in tow.

 You can go to Chicago to the Field Museum and walk the streets to find the Married with Children fountain (don't remember the real name, sorry!)  Or you can tour the Fort Wayne Children's Museum with the best in-laws ever!

 You can help to corral get all nine people into one photo facing the same direction because you have one child strapped to your body (asleep mind you) to remember the most recent visit to friends that live in another state!

 With a baby wrap, if you want to purchase a Fat Darrell sandwich, you can just walk up to the R. U. Hungry Grease Truck without lugging twenty pounds of baby and equipment.  Though you might need that kind of workout before eating the enormous delicious sandwich with chicken strips, marinara sauce, mozzarella cheese, and fries all on a hoagie bun.  (Side note: eat five of those sandwiches and you can name a sandwich after yourself!  I dare you to try!)

 Times Square is less worrisome because Baby is tucked away on your chest rather than out for all the world to see, literally.

It is so much easier to show Baby the LEGO lion at the Bronx Zoo in the baby wrap than trying to push a stroller up those limbs.  (Nevermind that Baby was fast asleep and cozy.)

When Big Brother falls asleep in the stroller while walking the streets of NYC, you can rest assured that Baby will not need to kick him out of his seat because she is sleeping soundly in the baby wrap.

Riding the subway with Baby in the wrap frees your hands to hold the Big Brothers (plural as in two brothers, not both hands of one brother) while Daddy carries the double stroller onto the train.

The hour and a half wait just to get into the Bake Shop is made so much easier when Mommy and Baby can cuddle and talk to people from Boston, Queens, and other areas of the country.  The treats were worth the wait!

Baby stays dry in the baby wrap on the Maid of the Mist, which literally drives the Family into the water of the Niagara Falls.  And you get to meet a family that puts Jesus on blast daily!  What better way to travel the USA!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Oh Snap!!

So I got a new snap press for my birthday!  I've been waiting for time to use my new toy.  I found a tutorial for a 2-in-1 bag tutorial and thought it would be a great practical use for some left over upholstery fabric and the (literally) 1000 black snaps I have that came with the snap press package.  (If you are interested in your own snap press, I highly recommend the Assunta Store because they fund the Little Flower Projects in China.)

I used zebra print outside and pink swirls inside.

 The bag with the long strap snapped in place.

 The loop on the right side is useful, I promise.  Keep looking.  :o)   On second thought, it is a great strap for Cameron to hold when I'm walking and can't hold his hand directly.

I wish I had put pockets on the inside, but no biggie.

 This is how it is hangs on a stroller.

The long strap tucks into the bag when not in use!

Now I just need to go shopping with a stroller, well, maybe not shopping because we can't afford it, but definitely somewhere that requires a stroller.  :o)

Friday, September 30, 2011

Feast of the Hunter's Moon Weekend

This lady is AMAZING!  I'm so glad our boys are best buds, which lends well for us being buddies too!  Baby Allison and I spent the weekend at the Feast of the Hunter's Moon (or the Hundreds of the Feast of the Morning as Cameron calls it) making frybread for our Riverside Youth booth.

Last year at the Feast, I spent the days around these huge pots of cooking oil frying the bread to sell, but this year...

Thanks to this darling little girl I was Ingredient Girl, measuring and combining the dry ingredients into bowls to make the dough for the frybread.

 Saturday's rain and car traffic turned the participant's parking lot into a mud pit on Sunday.  So this was the scene there when I parked on Sunday morning,

I really thought I was going to witness a car going straight into the blue dumpster because it was headed down a slight hill sliding as if it were ice instead of mud.

Overall, the weekend was muddy and the weather was icky in the mornings, but the fellowship with friends and sunshine in the afternoons made it all worth the time and energy!  I can't wait for next year!