Tuesday, February 16, 2010

More pictures...

i'm slacking on updating photos and really like this new batch, so i must share!

this is from our weekend photo shoot at jcpenney with cousin baby cj.

cameron didn't cooperate well after the photographer startled him, so he wouldn't hold the cute little heart to frame his face.

but how can you get angry at a cherub like this boy.

we ordered this print for the margas (what nathan calls the grandmas). the smiles aren't the best, but they are all sitting and facing the same direction.

enjoy these for now. i will add more when my patience is rebuilt after blogger moved the photos around when i uploaded them.

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Megan said...

cute pictures! recently I stumbled by accident onto an updated editing feature on blogger, which allows you to upload a bunch of pictures at once a drag them around w/in the post as well as some other features...
It is under Settings>basic>Select Post editor (at the bottom of the page)> use updated editor.
I hope this is helpful and not more stressful!!!