Thursday, July 23, 2009

Blog post because it's been THAT long...

So I was perusing craft/quilt/sewing blogs this evening, which has become a nightly routine before I head off to bed at a ridiculously late hour considering my youngest son STILL does not realize that summer vacation must mean sleeping in late, when I stumbled upon a reference to my blog. Christy at I dream in fuschia posted her homemade/handmade challenge to her readers, so I feel compelled to update my blog again.

Here goes...

Long story, angry moments excluded, I will be soon getting a NEW Bernina Artista 630 Platinum Edition sewing/embroidery machine. I've researched the features of different brands, but I really want a high quality machine that will last with me for-ev-er. The computer technology in this little darling along with the amazing deal is what really sold me. My new endeavor costs a pretty, nay I say sparkling, penny, so for every item I make selfishly, I MUST create items (read more than one) for sale or gift in place of purchasing a gift in order to rationalize the purchase.

Considering the time, I should end here and plan for more information later. Adios!

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