Thursday, April 9, 2009

Same song..second verse

Here I am again, leaving large gaps between the posts that I have left for my "followers". I profusely apoplogize because I still hope to read more about my friends' lives, but lately I've not felt like I could add much to the internet world. But alas, the crowds request...

The boys have been the same boys with minor changes. Zach brought home a great new spirit-filled attitude to our home after the Men's Retreat. His new goal is to raise money for Young Life and participate in an all day golf outing of 54 holes, yeah you read that right fifty-four. In the beginning he didn't want to raise the money, but God spoke to him through a friend that encouraged him. And God has provided friends and family willing to share in his motivation for the youth of Lafayette.

Nathan is enjoying the warm weather coming through North Central Indiana. He and Daddy got the sandbox out of the shed. Yesterday, Margas said that they got him a surprise and he needed to take his helmet over to their house. This morning we found out it was a scooter! He caught on very quickly how to move it zooming across the living room.

Cameron has figured out the crawling deal and has been pulling up on anything he can get to. Camo loves to chew on the corner of the fireplace, not that we let him! He's learned to put himself to sleep in his crib. But he hasn't been staying asleep there long. He's still refusing to eat any "real" food, but I'm not pushing because he has been so healthy and thriving on the lunch I make him.

Last, but not really least I have been enjoying time with my boys during Spring Break. But I've been feeling like I don't have much motivation to do much else. So while I seem unfriendly and withdrawn, it's mostly because I just don't feel like doing much.

Ending on a happy are the boys:

This is Nathan's drawing of his "life". Sorry it's not really clear. He has a head, arms, legs, feet, and eyes. The writing next to it is not his. We were working on the "N" for Nathan. Up, down, up...

Most recent picture of the two little boys. Nathan was being protective, can you tell? I just hope he does this when Cameron really needs him years from now.