Thursday, March 5, 2009

Just the same old same old...

I've noticed that I have been negligent in maintaining current blog posts and sometimes get frustrated when my friends don't add more posts to their own blogs. How rude of me, right? So here I am updating our recent activities in the Brennan Household.

Zach is headed off to the Men's Retreat with our church this weekend. While it is sure to be a fabulously Spirit-filled weekend, I know the boys and I will greatly miss him! He is such a critical player in the running of our household. Zach is not coaching tennis anymore, so he is spending a lot of time being "Dad".

Nathan is still into trains and all things Thomas. Though he has recently become more enamored with Cars. He knows many of the characters thanks to his ClickStart game and the movie. We are contemplating preschools for Nathan in the fall because we aren't concerned with his skill ability, but more for the social aspect of learning to play well with others. The boy knows ABCs, 123s, spells his name, shapes, safety signs, etc., so I just want to make sure he is able to play along with other kids before entering school.

Cameron is not quite the baby that Nathan was, which is to be expected because he is a different boy altogether. Cameron has strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes. He puts EVERYTHING in his mouth except for food at this point. He's a healthy 18 lbs. and 26 inches long. He's starting to make the motions for crawling, but hasn't figured out how to get going. Cameron's bottom two teeth have made their grand appearance with some sleepless nights.

All things considered I feel truly blessed by God to have the family and friends that surround me.