Monday, January 19, 2009

Plarn and plastic grocery bags...

Hi My name is Stephanie and I am a craft-aholic. I've gotten myself into many situations involving glue, scissors, double sided tape, ribbon, glitter, etc. and survived. The newest endeavor of teaching others to make the plarn bags I have created may just take me out of crafting all together. I volunteered to plan a craft event at church and enjoyed the social aspect of the "meeting". It was very informal, laid back, casual with no sign-up sheet, tables for different craft options (knitting, crocheting, stamping/scrapbooking), and of course sweets because so many ladies had asked about refreshments. (BTW, crafts and refreshments often don't mesh well because there is usually some sort of mess involved.) So I enlisted the help of other women to share their knowledge of knitting and stamping/scrapbooking in order for me to focus on the crocheting and the plastic bags. The process started out fantastic with many eager participants. We made the plarn by folding and cutting grocery bags and looping them to tie them together. Then came the question that halted our progress, "Does anyone know how to crochet?" I don't think I've had that many blank stares from "students" even in my classroom. :) Then we started with the basics and regular yarn. If we can get a chain stitch, then we can get a single crochet stitch. Most of the ladies stuck it out and made beautiful chains, which we tied off and they took home as a souvenier of their hardwork. A few even ventured to begin the first row of single crochet stitching. But this is where the wind came out of my "teacher" sails. My eager "students" were wrought with frustration and didn't want to keep the learning train chugging. We mastered the chain, so the next process was to master the single crochet so that we could move on to the half double crochet, which is the stitch needed for the plastic bag project. But when they gave up on the obstacle of learning the single, the half double went down the drain too. Alas, I felt angst because I wanted the day to be productive and help other ladies to learn & create the masterpiece bags that are the hit of any grocery store. I got home and felt such a let down (not in lactation) but in my teacher skills because the bar was so high in expectations. I think the hope was to make the bag in one day, but the reality of learning the fundamental skills proved to problematic for some. This minor snafu did not kill my craftiness completely, so I still plan to coordinate another craft event. (After all, Zach plays basketball every Sunday for three hours, why can't I take the same amount of time to craft and socialize?) In the meantime, here is the link to the website where I found the pattern and some hilarious photos from the craft event.

Fabulous Gretchen modelling one of my bags!

Lacey trying to fake paying attention.

Our fearless Women's Ministry Director, Rhonda. I know you are the company you keep! :)

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