Sunday, January 11, 2009

It's not so much the words but the meaning...

So this has been on my mind and now I feel like going deep and philisophical in this outlet. Words are simply words until a meaning is placed with them. Zach and I have discussed numerous times some vocabulary that we don't necessarily want our little boys to hear and which words are relatively harmless. The other day Nathan told me, "Momma this is stupid!" To which I replied, "Do not say stupid, that's not a very nice word. Say I don't like this or This is not what I want." This instruction to my son made me really think about how I use words and the meanings I attach to them. Some people that I know use specific words repetitively and thus I associate them with those words. Then there are those times when someone uses words in a malicous intent to create a sense of reality from suppositions. This has happened most recently to Zach and I from different people in both instances. Each time we reacted in shock and anger that false words were spoken. The harshness of these comments comes at a time of the year when most people are thinking about resolutions and making their lives better in some fashion. I have my own resolutions and hope to maintain them in my daily life, but when I found out about the personal attack on my character I couldn't help but dwell on it. Yesterday I was reminded by a friend that people said bad things about Jesus too. So my hope is to be more Christ like to people that have wronged me in the past and forgive them freely. I don't need to remain a bitter, ugly person when a situation goes south. I need to guard my tongue and use my words to convey a meaning that is glorifying to God and gives others the desire to know Him.

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