Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Christmas Update with Photos

This year we made the annual trek to Kendallville, Indiana to visit Zach's family for the Christmas holiday. With the new van we were excited for the trip because we have more room and more entertainment options available. We got a few shots of the madness!

This is the only picture of Cameron from our trip. He is at least wearing his new Christmas pajamas, but his brother is the photographer that remembered to capture him.

These are the tomato and carrot that Grammie and Papaw got for the boys. This brings the total on the gynormous stuff animals to four including Toofers the Dinosaur and Quakers the Duck from the past two Christmas seasons. Though the size of these creations is as big or bigger than Cameron, they are super soft and Camo loves his tomato!

Nathan is sporting his new Christmas pajamas as well. This is the second bowling set he received this year. Uncle Brian, Cousin Kelli, and Cousin Kristi gave this set to him. Kristi was annoyed with the mooing cow, but luckily it does come with an on/off switch. We already determined this would be a great set for the Marga's house!

Thank goodness we purchased the mini-van before going to Kendallville. I unloaded all of the stuff from the van into the kitchen and this is the mass amounts of STUFF that can fit into all the nooks and crannies of this new vehicle.

My dad came to visit the weekend before Christmas and brought gifts for the boys too. Nathan is displaying his new Colts warm-up suit. He also got a Handy Manny backpack with wheels. It's adorable, but he wouldn't model it for me.

This last picture is just so stinking cute I couldn't help myself. Cameron's cousins Ella and Joaquin sent the hat for him and it has matching mittens. He is also grasping his birthday present from Amber, which he loves now that he puts EVERYTHING in his mouth, the exact opposite behavior of his brother. The last aspect is the new skill Cameron has learned in pulling his paci out. He is very proud of himself when he does achieve it.


Natalie said...

I love the last picture of Cameron. It's like he's showing you his paci and making sure you know it belongs to him.

Megan said...

hey! Number 1. I am sorry I am lame and didn't realize that you had a blog. I am very excited. I am addicted to blogs. Especially those with pictures.
Also-do you know where your dad got the colts warm-up suit? And does it have side zippers on the legs? (my mom is looking for one for my nephew).