Saturday, November 22, 2008

Long Awaited Directions for Paper Bag Photo Album...

So, I purchased a sample because I had seen them before and wanted to make a cute little album for myself. Now I'm in the sharing, giving mode and posting the directions for completing said adorable album. :)

Start with a simple paper bag typically used for lunch.

Then cut along the fold that creates the bottom of the bag. (In this picture I folded the "bottom" under so that you could see the fold to cut along.)

Next cut along the diagonals that hold the flap you have cut to the rest of the bag. I have already cut the diagonals because I couldn't get a good camera angle on the way to cut it. So this is the skeleton of the album.

Thus you have an album that stands like this:

Now you just need to cover the bag with beautiful scrapbook paper in these sizes:

1. First pattern paper 3" x 5" (A) and 5" x 8.5" (B)

2. Second pattern paper 5.5" x 5" (C) and 11" x 5" (D)

(A) goes on the flap created when the bottom of the bag was cut off.

(B) goes on the back side of the flap continuing on the inside of the album.

(C) goes on the inside of the album on the far right side.

(D) goes along the entire outside of the album.

You will also need two 6" inch strands of thin ribbon to tie the album together when finished.

Here's the sample album that I purchased:

You may also add 3 "pages" of cardstock for extra pictures or stories, these should be 5.5" x 5" and fit nicely in the opening of the bag.

Happy Scrapping! :)

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