Thursday, October 16, 2008

little blessings from God

my boys are so precious to me especially now in the light of a friend coping with the inevitable passing of her little bundle of joy. rather than divulging the particulars of the situation, please just lift justin, kristen, and kara up in prayer to God because He knows their circumstances and what they need better than i could even explain. i wish that kristen is able to feel all the joys of motherhood while kara is still with her here on earth. my hope for my friends is that as mothers we remember how fragile life is and that our children are gifts from God for us to enjoy and glorify Him in their lives. so squeeze your babies and tell them you love them every chance you get.

on the note of loving your child, i am so infatuated with nathan learning to use the potty and wear real underwear. i have said for months that he knows the concept because we began 'training' him by entertaining his curiousity since he has turned two. it took a common cold virus to make me want to be homebound for an entire day and we have taken steps closer each day to not using diapers any longer. i'm realizing as i help nathan learn this important skill that my focus on teaching is just as influential in him learning as his own interest. if i'm lazy about getting him to the potty every so often, then he will be lazy and wet his undies. i was lucky to dodge the big mess when he had his first bm at marga's house, but i'm hoping that i can convince nathan to get that in the potty soon. so we are at day 3 of thomas underwear and still doing a small load of 3t undies each day, but i'm pretty sure by the time i am headed back to work nathan will have this down. is now only 2.5 weeks away, on that note this thought bubble is popping.

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Daddy's Dream ~Mommy's Miracle said...

i don't know the friend you are speaking of....but I know all to well the feeling of losing a child. May God provide peace and comfort during this difficult time.