Thursday, October 9, 2008

exciting weekend upcoming...

so i've had a fabulous week thus far because i have had significant opportunities to shop with and without children. i've hit the jackpot on long sleeved name brand clothing for both boys at 3t and 3-6 months. the big boy gets new big boy shirts for around 6 dollars, which pushes my typical limit of 5 dollars because it's ridiculous that children's clothes could cost so much. but as size increases so does the price tag unfortunately. cameron will not have to only wear his brother's hand me down clothing because the wonderful price fairies at tjmaxx plopped about eight 3-6 month long sleeved carter's shirts for, sit down for this one, TWO DOLLARS, each. i also scored so super cute blue and pink, sound awful but looks adorable, converse chuck taylors. nursing my youngest son will be much easier after snagging some clearance nursing tops with convenient flaps at motherhood maternity. kohl's disappointed me with a beautiful sweater that magically generated a hole in the knit section after only my initial washing. but don't doubt that i will return it to receive a new sweater in it's place. with the culmination of this fantastic shopping week, i am stoked to be attending another home town festival in new albany, HARVEST HOMECOMING. woohoo. it wouldn't be fall without HH's warm days and cold nights. i love walking the aisles of booths, smelling the different foods, seeing friends from high school that i hadn't seen since last HH, and eating some great chicken and dumplings from the redman's club. the caramel apples from my sister's class reunion booth are another highlight of my trip. pumpkin ice cream, lemon shake ups, zuccini bread, corn on the cob, potato pancakes from the german corner, and mini donuts are just some of the other flavors that we sample as we walk the streets of downtown new albany this lovely second weekend of october each year.

oh and now that zach doesn't have to teach tomorrow either due to a small fire at the high school, we can possibly take the boys to the indy zoo on the way to new albany in the morning. so we are just the happy family of four right now.

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Natalie said...

Harvest Homecoming - I'm so jealous! I went when I was a freshman in college. The chicken and dumplings were so yummy!