Thursday, October 16, 2008

little blessings from God

my boys are so precious to me especially now in the light of a friend coping with the inevitable passing of her little bundle of joy. rather than divulging the particulars of the situation, please just lift justin, kristen, and kara up in prayer to God because He knows their circumstances and what they need better than i could even explain. i wish that kristen is able to feel all the joys of motherhood while kara is still with her here on earth. my hope for my friends is that as mothers we remember how fragile life is and that our children are gifts from God for us to enjoy and glorify Him in their lives. so squeeze your babies and tell them you love them every chance you get.

on the note of loving your child, i am so infatuated with nathan learning to use the potty and wear real underwear. i have said for months that he knows the concept because we began 'training' him by entertaining his curiousity since he has turned two. it took a common cold virus to make me want to be homebound for an entire day and we have taken steps closer each day to not using diapers any longer. i'm realizing as i help nathan learn this important skill that my focus on teaching is just as influential in him learning as his own interest. if i'm lazy about getting him to the potty every so often, then he will be lazy and wet his undies. i was lucky to dodge the big mess when he had his first bm at marga's house, but i'm hoping that i can convince nathan to get that in the potty soon. so we are at day 3 of thomas underwear and still doing a small load of 3t undies each day, but i'm pretty sure by the time i am headed back to work nathan will have this down. is now only 2.5 weeks away, on that note this thought bubble is popping.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

weekend of fun was had by all

on friday morning we left lafayette packed and ready to go to the zoo in indianapolis. we caravaned with the teefey's putting the two yr olds in their car with the daddys and the dvd player while dana and i drove the babies on the fifty minute trip to see the animals. the drive down was wonderful because we were able to chat without constant interruption. then we realized that we weren't exactly sure which street to turn down to get to the zoo. i thought it was washington, but that street is one way so i ended up turning into oncoming traffic while talking to zach about which street to turn on while a metro police officer just watched in his patrol car at the stop light. thankfully he wasn't interested in pulling me over after he saw the shock on my face that i was headed the wrong direction as i hung up on zach. finally at 11am on friday, we found the zoo, parked, and loaded up the stroller. we put both babies in the double stroller thanks to dana's genius idea to use the baby wrap to secure cameron. we made it all over the zoo in one day and enjoyed some awesome pf chang's before heading further south to new albany. we stayed with my dad and step-mom at their house in floyd knobs for the weekend because they have more than enough room and a pack'n'play, which meant one less thing to pack for us.

on saturday morning we met the duke's at harvest homecoming and began our journey through the booths in downtown. i headed straight for the redman's club chicken and dumplings and then topped it off with pumpkin ice cream. nathan had fun making a bookmark at the kids' day event in the big tent by the riverfront and getting temporary tattoos at a church booth. i think he ended up getting four in total. because of the extraordinary heat we left hh earlier than i hoped and went to the duke's to chill, literally. brent ordered some garlic parmesean breadsticks and they were so good. after realizing we were almost out of diapers for nathan, we left duke's to get a package of diapers at walmart. then we returned to hh for a visit with my sister at the tribune booth. during this trip i tried the corn from the boy scout troop, but it was not quite as i hoped, a little undercooked. once nathan got his final two tattoos of the day we went back to my dad's house for dinner that he was making.

sunday morning brought a horrible reaction and full body misery with the onset of a cold virus. nathan went to huber's with papaw and grandma carla to ride a horse, pet goats and llamas, walk the corn maze and rope maze, and purchase pumpkins for both boys. after a nap, i felt much better and was able to sit up to eat lunch. my dad gave us some wonderful news from my brother, but i'm not sure i can share it just yet. the margas took nathan for the evening and brought him back home with them today, so i was able to get cameron's 2 month pictures taken and hang some new draperies that i purchased at 75 percent off the original price.

now that the benadryl is kicking in again my eyes are finally droopy, so i think i'll head to bed now.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

exciting weekend upcoming...

so i've had a fabulous week thus far because i have had significant opportunities to shop with and without children. i've hit the jackpot on long sleeved name brand clothing for both boys at 3t and 3-6 months. the big boy gets new big boy shirts for around 6 dollars, which pushes my typical limit of 5 dollars because it's ridiculous that children's clothes could cost so much. but as size increases so does the price tag unfortunately. cameron will not have to only wear his brother's hand me down clothing because the wonderful price fairies at tjmaxx plopped about eight 3-6 month long sleeved carter's shirts for, sit down for this one, TWO DOLLARS, each. i also scored so super cute blue and pink, sound awful but looks adorable, converse chuck taylors. nursing my youngest son will be much easier after snagging some clearance nursing tops with convenient flaps at motherhood maternity. kohl's disappointed me with a beautiful sweater that magically generated a hole in the knit section after only my initial washing. but don't doubt that i will return it to receive a new sweater in it's place. with the culmination of this fantastic shopping week, i am stoked to be attending another home town festival in new albany, HARVEST HOMECOMING. woohoo. it wouldn't be fall without HH's warm days and cold nights. i love walking the aisles of booths, smelling the different foods, seeing friends from high school that i hadn't seen since last HH, and eating some great chicken and dumplings from the redman's club. the caramel apples from my sister's class reunion booth are another highlight of my trip. pumpkin ice cream, lemon shake ups, zuccini bread, corn on the cob, potato pancakes from the german corner, and mini donuts are just some of the other flavors that we sample as we walk the streets of downtown new albany this lovely second weekend of october each year.

oh and now that zach doesn't have to teach tomorrow either due to a small fire at the high school, we can possibly take the boys to the indy zoo on the way to new albany in the morning. so we are just the happy family of four right now.

Friday, October 3, 2008

early morning wake up calls...

so i love my boys to death and would do anything to keep them safe, protected, the whole motherly instinct of protection yada yada...but i would love to just have some time in the morning that i get to wake up on my own accord. i really despise a foot jab to the ribs at 5.30am or a grunting cry for a pacifier at 4.45am. these times are most important to understanding my great disgruntlement with mornings because they occur in hours when the sun is just beginning to light up the far regions of lafayette, in thus there is dim light glowing in the window, which is not the main source of igniting the thought train in my brain right now but that source is another blog entry in itself that will fester up soon enough. alas i end up watching the clock, digital mind you, change numbers until the hours reads 6 or 7 when i am finally to frustrated with my inability to return to slumber that i must pick up my 600 page reading material to find out more about edward, bella, jacob and the rest of the cast of the twilight series. i have enjoyed reading the books or thinking positive thoughts when i choose during the waking hours of the day, but i would much prefer that i get to use the dark hours as intended for sleeping. one might say i have made my bed and now must lie in it because nathan aka rib jabber did co-sleep with us in his infant years, but i protest because he has his own big boy toddler bed in his own dark room that he uses. the problem here is that he is not shooed back to his bed in the wee hours. but i have a firm grip on his behavior when my brain is coherent so i have let the times at night slip. the other young brennan boy in the household really does not have an excuse for his wake up calls other than he's just so stinking cute that i allow him to bother me lovingly. so mostly i'm venting because i can, but also because i'm tired, tigger and pooh are not lulling nathan to sleep, and i'm almost positive cameron will wake soon to dine. happy sleeping...