Monday, September 29, 2008

one month pictures are done

yesterday i trapsed off to the photo studio in walmart because i figured that our trusty studio at the local jcpenney would be busy on a weekend and i really needed to get photos done before cameron turned two months. cameron fell asleep on the way to the studio and snoozed quietly as the photo lady, whose nametag read 'stfni', tried to please a family of four with simple passport photos. the father was very intent on having perfectly posed children and well-kept hair/clothes in the photos, of which he needed four each. so the patient stfni took numerous photos attempting to eliminate shadows and capture the daughter without her bangs in her face. luckily i had planned ahead and arrived early to our 4 o'clock appointment time, so when it came our turn it wasn't too long past our designated time. while she prepared the studio area, i dressed cameron in his orange shirt and blue shorts as to bring out the respective colors in both his hair and eyes. he was content in changing clothes, but disaster ensued once i posed him on the photo table. cameron did not agree that it was a good time for his photo session and cried even through numerous position changes. the ever patient stfni suggested a reschedule for a better time, but i declined knowing that i would not get one month photos completed if i didn't get them snapped that day. so i inquired about a hiatus in our session while we 'walked the store' aka mommy shopped a bit to distract cameron. again cameron did not agree with my intentions, so i thought that he might be more content with a snack in his belly. we proceeded to the dressing rooms and after signifcant gulping and burping by cameron he was a much happier boy. when the session concluded we reviewed the portraits and the ridiculously expensive collections only to opt for the 4.99 package of thirty photos that drew us into the walmart photo studio the previous day. on or before october 8th our photos will be ready for pickup and we'll share our beautiful boy's one month photos with friends and family.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Finally joining the blogging community...

so my friends blog and i enjoy reading the information they share on their own blogs, thus i feel the need to join the bandwagon and share my own ideas and thoughts. i have even said to myself in the past couple weeks, 'that story would make a great blog entry'. so here i am...

first, the shift keys on the laptop computer have been working very inconsistently, thus i have resorted to not using them at all. sorry if it is bothersome to others that enjoy appropriate capitalization, but with such a sporadic work schedule for the shift key i have terminated its use in my typing. one would think that a simple black key on a keyboard would not be so bothersome, however, it's decision to not follow my directives when i need to shift to another character is not acceptable.

secondly, i am elated to have another four weeks at home with my boys thanks to the generosity of my obgyn doctor in writing me a note to be released from work until november 3rd. i know that both boys will be in great care with the grandmas when i do return to work, but i love that i will get to spend more time at home with them while they are little. this also increases my time to participate in wild wednesdays with my fellow young mothers and friends.

i could continue this post into twenty more points, but exhaustion from early morning garage sale fun is setting in and i still need to get cameron to the photographer for his one month picture before he turns two months. ;0 that's a smiley without a shift key